Third- generation goldsmith, paola was born of a sicilian mother and a father from Salento, Puglia. From the Family tradition, she learned the basic skills of working in gold and was inspired by the beauty of fine detailing in her gold work and by the earthy warmth of southern Italy, which has been a constant feature of the artisans of this area. Her artistic development was enriched by new experiences when, At the age of twenty, she moved to work, first, to Rome and, later, to New York. She was following in the footsteps of family members who put the much praised italian craftmanship at the service of major international companies. In New York, Paola refined her personal tecnichal skills by being in contact with designers, goldsmiiths and precious stone setters. She returned to Italy to work as production and design manager for well known gold companies in Rome, Bologna and Lecce in Puglia. In 2004, she opened “ting” her fist studio/concept- store in the historical centre of lecce. She was inspired by Viviana Torun Open space whose work desks are open to the street in a unique involvement between creator and passers by. Paola is now living in Rome
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